Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of explainers hub. Upon offering us your project these terms and conditions will apply on you

Project Pricing

Relies upon the pricing and package you choose


To apply for a discount on a specific project, customer can request to sales team to add a discount in the project. It is upon discretion of sales person to whether to add a discount in the project or not.

Cancelling the project

Any party has a right to cancel the project at any time. Upon the cancellation of project both parties are liable to keep the information confidential if any NDA was signed. Explainers Hub™ has a right to hold a certain amount if more than 50% of work on project is already done. For example if your project is in the animation phase and you have paid only 50% of the total amount of the project then you can’t apply for a refund of 20% amount because we have already completed 80% of your work and our resources and time has been used. In this case the customer has to at least pay some amount to get a refund.

Project Deadline

The due date to finish the project is 4-5 weeks usually but if the project has many videos then this deadline may exceed.

Installment terms

Initially 50% deposit is to be made from customer end and once the the video gets finalized the remaining 50% will be paid from customers before receiving the final files.

Commercial Purpose

Explainers Hub isn’t committed to use any of the clients video for any commercial purpose also explainers hub will provide source file to customer if requested.

Terms Of NDA:

The confidential information of the customer will be kept confidential as per the terms of NDA.

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