Explainer Video Types

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5 Explainer Videos Types At Explainers Hub


Whiteboard Animation:

Whiteboard videos are great for video marketing. Whiteboard videos are best used to depict a creative story in a way that keeps viewers glued to the video. In a whiteboard video characters and static images are drawn in front of the viewer’s eyes. The video is accompanied with the narration of the script that guides the user from screen to screen. The whiteboard video is simple and sophisticated yet a very powerful tool for marketing purposes.

Infographic Animation Videos

Infographic animation videos are used worldwide to showcase statistical data figures. Some say it is the best form for those companies which are looking to convince their customers by using statistical data or numbers. In an infographic animation infographics are animated with videos transitions added with sound effects and then the voiceover is synchronized. If you want your customers to show statistical data with no characters then an infographic animation video is the best option for you.

2d Cartoon Animation:

In a 2d cartoon animation videos characters are used in 2d form layering the images with the 2d design. 2d cartoon animation can be used for conveying the message in the best way to your customers or potential prospects. Many of the companies from the Fortune 500 prefer 2d cartoon animations.

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Motion Graphic Video:

Motion graphic is best used to deliver a complex message in a simple way. If you have a complex product or service the motion graphic style would be the best style to convince your audience. Mainly motion graphic videos are best used for promoting a related product or service. In a motion graphic video graphics are used to demonstrate the product or service.

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Typography Video:

In this type of video typography fonts are used in the best possible way to express an idea. Although this style can be very simple. The perfect use of fonts make the video very engaging and inspiring. The perfect fonts and transitions in the animation guides the message in to your audiences memory

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